5 Mistakes  People Make When Choosing a Chiropractor


1.  Allowing their insurance to choose a Chiropractor

2.  Believing that all Chiropractors are the same

3.  Undergoing care without any kind of assessment

4.  Choosing a Chiropractor based on location and convenience

5. Choosing a Chiropractor based on his/her age


Choosing a Chiropractor that is right for you means doing some research, they aren’t all the same. There are a number of different Chiropractic techniques, not all Chiropractors snap, pop and crack. Some focus specifically on neck and back pain while others focus on whole body health.  At Leading Edge we use a newer more advanced technique that is yielding amazing results in our practice members and we do so much more here than treat neck and back pain.

Make sure you choose a Chiropractor whose philosophy is aligned with yours. Take charge of your health, do your research, then pick the best one for you!