I graduated from chiropractic school at the age of 23 in 1993 and set out to change the world through chiropractic.

Unfortunately I got caught up in the grind of dealing with insurance companies only wanting to pay for neck and low back pain. I quickly became one of those chiropractors that was basically treating neck and low back pain and felt that I was not much more than a “glorified aspirin”. My patients would plateau at a certain level or they would get better then have to return months later for the same problem and I didn’t feel as though I was getting to the root of the problem.

After many years of practice I got burnt out and retired from chiropractic. I decided I was never going to practice again.  I started a few other businesses and ran those for a few years until one day I saw some facebook posts from a good friend of mine who is a chiropractor. He was sharing patient stories via video and how the chiropractic technique he used (Torque Release) was helping them with things like sleep apnea, Crohn’s Disease, acid reflux, depression, anxiety, asthma, sleeping issues and on and on. How can this be I thought, I had been in practice for more than 15 years and had never seen anything like this. So I contacted my friend and spent a couple of days in his practice hearing more of these stories in person and decided to get back into practice using Torque Release Technique.

Since then I have seen the same results that my friend sees in his patients and I am loving being in practice and changing people’s lives. So many families getting healthy together, getting off medications, avoiding surgeries and living life with optimal health.

My Fiance Tina helps me run the practice and together we are setting out to change the world by educating others as to the true benefits of chiropractic care.