Infantile Scoliosis Corrected

“As many of you are aware Rosalie was diagnosed with infantile scoliosis last summer. This is rare in our neck of the woods to be diagnosed with at such a young age and options are limited. When I first started bringing her in for treatment at Leading Edge Chiropractic, she had a 32 degree curve in her spine. Due to issues with finding an orthopedic that would take her case an out of network provider had to be found. I saw the provider today in Maine. Dr. Anson was prepared to give me a limited option on surgeries for Rosalie. She had not had any X-rays done since December 16,2016 at Dartmouth. Since that time I’ve been doing what I could for my daughter and started five months ago taking her to see Dr. Clint Steele at Leading Edge Chiropractic in Gorham Maine. Today after her appointment with Dr. Anson and having new X-rays taken my daughter is now below a 10 degree curve. Rosalie will need to see her doc and have X-rays redone in 6 months. The doctors instructions keep doing treatments with Dr. Clint Steele. My blessing for this day my baby is going to be okay without surgery.” – Jena-Lyn Roy  August, 2016